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Let's Get Healthier Together - Challenge Accepted - Live your dash out loud - Kathy Micheel - Legacy Nutrition and Products
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PEMF Band and Web Pulse Technology Click for info on the PEMF Band


Click for info on the PEMF Web
A Healthy Cell has 4 things.
1. Oxygen
2. Nutrition
3. Electrolytes
4. Energy
The PEMF Pulse Band and the Web will increase all of these things.

The technology attacks inflammation.
Science has found even blood pressure and neuropathy is effected by the relaxing of the vascular system.

They do not treat or heal issues. They help the cells regain homeostasis and balance so that can perform as they were intended to perform.
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Kathy Micheel - before and after

Kathy's Health Journey

This is me…notice me before drinking plenty of water, before eating the right amount of nutrition, before living without the anti-inflammatory steriods.

In this picture you are only able to view part of my health journey. During Second Grade I was diagnosed with Asthma and Allergies. My first Asthma attack scared me and my parents.

Clean air, clean water, and good nutrition are just a few of the things between feeling good or bad and especially life and death.

We don’t become unhealthy overnight. Our bodies are amazing, with time and nurturing good things happen.

It all starts with a positive mindset! That “can do” attitude and the “will” to want to.

Let’s get Healthier Together!

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Inspiring the World to Live Healthy
Personalized gifts - gifts to help relax - Origami Owl - Think Goodness - DoTerra Essential Oils - Legacy Nutrition and Products
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Ariix 360 Transformation
These are just a few of the nutritional supplements and products available. Check back often.

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Start today with Two Water Bottles; here are some reasons why!

Why should I drink clean water?
Why should I drink clean water?Dr. Ginger Puritii Water Bottle - Filters out bacteria heavy metals BPA Pesticide Radioactive Pharma Hormone Disrupter Chlorine and more

Purchasing options:
Retail, Save 15%, or Save 30%

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