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Hello! I’m Kathy Micheel, a devoted farm wife, mother, and passionate cook. I’m all about turning your kitchen into a place of joy and bonding, not stress. My cookbooks  are designed to simplify the cooking process and make it enjoyable for everyone, regardless of age or cooking experience. My unique approach ensures that every meal is flexible and inclusive. Whether you’re cooking for one, two, or a crowd, there’s a recipe for you. And the fun really begins when you involve the kids or grandkids in the process.

More cookbooks are coming: Chicken, Fish, Pork just to name a few.
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Start enjoying cooking and baking again.
We are offering simple tips to enjoy family time and social time. We are here to encourage you to eat for your body type, dietary needs, and your healthier lifestyle goals.

Don’t forget to partake in the Real Daily NEWS of nutrition, exercise, water, and sleep.

We offer individual recipes from our Signature Cookbook series.

Other Cookbook series: Butcher to Table

Set your ‘Healthier You’ goals with Coach Kathy Micheel
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