10 Questions to Achieve Your Goals


Make your goals personal. If they are not “down to your core” personal than you will more than likely not achieve them as fast as you would like.

Think of your goal as if you are a two-year-old looking at a piece of cake. You can see the cake and you know where you are at in relationship to that cake…now go for it!

Start with the BIG 6:
Why do I need to achieve this goal?
Who is in your way?
What is in your way?
When do you need the goal to be achieved?
Where will you be when you achieve your goal?
How will you achieve this goal?

Then ask yourself another 4 questions:
What else am I missing to achieve this goal?
Who can help me achieve this goal?
When do I need to start to achieve this goal?
How else can I achieve this goal faster?

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